Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Living Life ... Without Reinventing the Wheel!

Living Life ... Without Reinventing The Wheel!

I know this is probably a crazy title, but it's what was on my mind this morning as I woke up ... at 2 am ... is that you Lord?!, at that time of the morning ... normally it is!  So I guess this is going to be the title to my new blog!  EEEEEEKKKKKKK, I'm still reeling over the sound of 'blog'!

I am a person, and let me say that I believe I am just finding this out about myself, that likes to reinvent the wheel!  One of the things my Dad has always instilled in us, is to eliminate the 'middle-man' ... you go straight to the head person, you can always find a better bargain, and search until you find the better bargain.  I thank him for teaching me this, it has proven true just about every time ... well, until you find what you are looking for and it's the manufacturer and you're still trying to find a better deal!  :)  At this point in the search, it is time to stop looking, you have done your job and things have turned out the way you expected.  *Re-reading this, I am going to place the blame on my Dad for making me the 'planner' that I am!  Love you Daddy!  :)

My husband and I have this new saying ... how can we get this done ... accomplish a project ... make things happen in business (insert what you need to do here) ... WITHOUT REINVENTING THE WHEEL?!  We are the type of people who want what we do done right, which usually means doing it ourselves or finding the right person to do it for us.  But lately, I am finding that we are working on trying to make things a bit easier for us, you don't always have to try everything from scratch ... sometimes you just need to step back, take a deep breath and see if there's a more simple way of achieving your task at hand!  Especially with technology today ... there's just about an easier way to do, well, a lot of things!  I am not sure that I am making any sense, but I hope that you are still following along! :)

The quickest way for me not to have to reinvent the wheel with situations is to listen ... I need to learn to do this more ... I need to stop, take a deep breath and ask the Lord for direction ... see where HE wants me to start in the process, not where I think I need to begin.  If it's left up to me, I will almost always, start in the very beginning ... and he may have already laid the pathway for me to start in the middle, just to make it easier for me, just because he knew I may not have enough time to start from the beginning and if I did I would muddle it up from lack of time which leads to confusion and ends with hurried, non-efficient behavior.  Take Pinterest for example ... you need a new way to store your (insert your own items here) ... you can more than likely find a way to do this on this handy dandy little site!  And if you know me and my 'craft' skills, you will know that with the help of Pinterest, I can do this way more easily, efficiently & cheaper than if I come up with an idea all by myself!  Which is why I believe Pinterest is Divinely Inspired!  :) 

Am I making any sense?  Take a little time today or even this week and see where He wants you to let him take the wheel for a while ... do you have something you need to give over to Him? ... let him handle?  Do you have a project or issue that you are just so involved in that you can't see how it's going to work out?  Do you need to step back, take it one little baby step at a time, and ask Him how to go about it?  He's right here for you ... yea, YOU TOO!  :)  We need to stop reinventing the wheel and let God show us how, when, where and why today! 

If you will ... pray this prayer with me ...

Thank you Lord!  I pray that you will show me e.x.a.c.t.l.y what you want from me ... exactly what you want me to do for you ... exactly where you want me to go ... exactly where you want me to start ... exactly how you want me to do it ... I want you to divinely direct my path, always ... keep me in your perfect divine order ... lay my plans out before me so I won't have to reinvent the wheel ... help me to trust you Lord! In Jesus Name, Amen! 

Be blessed today!  :) 

Blogging ... Me? ... NOOO ... Well, maybe!

Well, here I am in the amazing world of blogging!  Never, did I ever ... ever ... let me say, ever ... did i think this would be me.  I hope that this is something that I can keep up with!  I hope it's not one of my many, many projects that I start and forget about or never finish ... I will try to be consistent ... ha ... who am I kidding ... consistent is not a good word ... I will try to post something, sometime!  :)  I have to admit, I'm a little nervous ... I feel slightly better than when I had to stand up in speech class in college, shaking with tunnel vision, at least here I don't have to look you face to face or imagine you in your undies!  ;D  Even though I'm trying to convince myself that it doesn't matter ... I really hope you like it!  If not, I blame my sister!  :) 

My Family!
I'm pretty sure everyone already knows me ... but let me tell you a little about myself anyway, maybe you'll get to know me a little bit better (and I'm using this as a disclaimer for all my faults, blogging & otherwise! If you keep reading, your officially own your own!)  I have a wonderful husband and son, we try our utmost to live a life that will stand out for Christ.  We are just 'normal' people ... quit laughing ... it may be 'our' normal, but it's normal all the same!  :)  My husband and I have been married 15 awesome years this November and our son is 7 years old!  He is our world, everything we do in life revolves around him, he's usually with us most of the time ... and we LOVE it!  :)  I apologize now for all my ...'s, !'s and :)'s, lack of spelling ability, use of comas and run on sentences!  You'll just have to 'read through'!  :)  *See, I can't help it ... 

My husband and I own a business, The Galleria Suites, here in Crossville, TN.  I am a licensed Cosmetologist and I specialize in acrylic nails ... I like to say I don't do paying hair clientele ... I stick with family mostly when it comes to hair ... I just really enjoy nails!  I am sure that we will revisit why I do nails later in the blog world!  My husband, Keyvan, also has a business, he developed, manufactures and distributes a product called Herbal Dentist.  It's an amazing, God-inspired, product that will help you with just about any 'mouth' issues you have.  I am super proud of him, if you can't tell!  He's an amazing man of God, he is the true head of our household, a devoted husband and fun-filled father, oh and I love him very much!  One of these days, we'll probably revisit that too!  :)  We are a busy family ... whether with business or family things ... we are running, it seems like, most of the time!  But we are enjoying the life that God laid out for us to live ... for Him!  

Let me say a couple quick things ... seriously ... throughout this blog, my intentions will NEVER be to insult, condemn or criticize anyone ... I am only saying what is on my heart and some of those things you (or you) ... or no, no you, yea, you overthere ... may not agree with ... please don't think I am pointing fingers or talking about anyone in particular ... most likely if I have something to say, I will just come right out and say it ... I try not to beat around the bush.  I believe certain things are just meant to be said, deal with it and move on.  I AM a firm believer in Jesus Christ, nothing you say will ever make me believe any other way ... I believe that as followers of Christ, that we are to show Love to others and I will do my best to always stand firm on that truth as I write.  In my writing and ramblings, I tend to be, what I think of as, funny and sarcastic, so I do hope that things that are said are taken the way they are meant to be taken ... I am probably not talking about you ... I am more than likely talking about ... them ... ha ... just kidding ... more than likely I am just rambling on about things that interest me!  This blog is actually going to be a bit hard for me ... although you are probably not thinking so at this point ... my Lord, will she ever stop typing ... but I am not a huge fan of having my life 'laid out before all man kind', I like to think that I am pretty transparent in 'real' life, so I am going to try and be just as transparent here ... if you have a question, just ask me, I'll tell you what I think, which may not be what you want to hear, but hey, we can still be friends ... right?  :) 

I believe that's enough about me (us) for now.  You should get to know me quite well over time ... I hope you do anyway and hopefully I can develop some new friendships here as well!  

Be blessed!